Walcom Slim HVLP Primer Gun Kit 1.7mm

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The Walcom Slim HVLP is the most efficient primer gun ever made. Perfect application of any primer will save you hours in preparation time, and excellent transfer efficiency to save you material.

Body: chemical nickel-plated polished aluminium
Aircap: chemical nickle-plated brass
Nozzle: AISI 303 stainless steel
Needle & Spring, stainless steel
Seal gaskets: self lubricating & adjustable PTFE
Weight: 765 gram (27oz POM C)
Operating pressure: 29psi
Air consumption: 8cfm
Nozzle size: 1.7mm

Kit Contents:
SLIM HVLP – Primer Gun
Dial gauge & Air control unit
Pot 680cc (POM C)
Service tool / spanner
15ml Gun oil
3x SLIM Gun filters
HVLP SLIM rebuild kit
Cleaning brush
Tough Black PP protective case

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