Ultimate Finish provide a range of products and services including complete paint systems, mixed colours, custom aerosols, consumables, and equipment with a strong focus on bringing our customers the latest in new technology.

Automotive Paints

We provide a range of car paint supplies and services including complete paint systems, mixed colours and custom aerosols.

Industrial Paints

Ultimate Finish has quickly grown to be a leading distributor of quality industrial coatings to suit a range of applications.

Panel Beating Supplies

Ulitmate Finish supply a range of panel beating tools and supplies includes adhesives, abrasives, body fillers, polishes, PPE and more.

Revive any surface with the best quality brands and paint formations

Scratches and other marks are unfortunately part of life with vehicle ownership, but they can be a thing of the past with Ultimate Finish. We stock a range of automotive and industrial spray paint supplies in Melbourne that are hard wearing and durable, keeping your vehicle looking its absolute best. Formulated to be an exact colour match for your vehicle, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking to do a touch up or repaint the whole thing.

Preparing your surface prior to paint application

No matter what sort of painting you’re undertaking, it’s essential that you’ve properly prepared the surface before getting started. Ensure that the surface is clean enough for paint to adhere by using a wax and grease remover. To ensure that you’re working with a smooth blemish-free surface, the vehicle will need to be sanded and patched. Next, apply a quality etch primer (for non-ferrous metal surfaces) or a plastic primer (for plastic or fibreglass surfaces).

The colour-matched paint top coat is the final step. Once this is complete, you can apply a clear coat to prevent colour fading (good news – we also stock various coating supplies in Melbourne).

Get that vehicle looking as good as new

As well as automotive spray paint supplies and industrial coating supplies, we also deal with a vast range of panel and body shop supplies to assist with any restoration project or panel preparation you may be undertaking. Why trek all the way to the other side of town in search of the best supplies when you could shop with Ultimate Finish and have everything you need delivered direct to your door? Our solutions are sure to tick all the boxes.