Protective paint finishes

Saferoads is an ASX listed company and a leader in road safety innovations. Saferoads approached Ultimate Finish with concerns with a product designed to redirect or separate traffic called separation kerb. The harsh environmental conditions that the separation kerb is exposed to was adversely affecting its appearance within a short period of time. Ultimate Finish suggested Saferoads  paint the separation kerbing to provide a protective layer. This posed some unique challenges due to the rubber material of the separation kerb. 


Ultimate Finish trialled many different product and process combinations on sample pieces that were provided by Saferoads before thoroughly testing them for adhesion to the rubber. Once confident that we had developed the best method we worked with Saferoads to implement a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and thoroughly train their technicians.


The paint is much more effective at withstanding the elements than the rubber itself and this has resulted in positive customer feedback. The procedure is also efficient and cost effective which enables Saferoads’ separation kerb to remain competitive in the marketplace.