Kennedy Trailers

Quality Paint Finishes

Kennedy Trailers is at the forefront of innovation for custom designed trailers. As such the paint finishes are required to be of the utmost high quality in order to withstand the rigors of the industries they supply, such as forestry, heavy haulage, mining and earth moving.

Ultimate Finish was engaged by Kennedy Trailers in 2020 to solve some problems they were experiencing with their current paint, such as poor coverage and the quality of the finish.


After careful consideration, Ultimate Finish chose to partner with Concept Paints to produce a paint tailored to meet the specific needs of Kennedy Trailers, and backed by a 5 year warranty. Flagship products within the Concept Paints range were selected to offer a high level of finish and excellent durability. Ultimate Finish also introduced electrostatic spray gun technology which created attraction between the paint and the substrate, thus allowing areas that are difficult to coat to be covered more easily. The paint technicians at Kennedy Trailers then underwent comprehensive training on the correct processes, mixing and application of products. This ensured a smooth transition.


The changes made to the systems in use at Kennedy Trailers reduced the labor costs by cutting the time taken to paint some components in half. The new systems have also reduced the paint consumption and improved the quality of the finished product, whilst continuing to remain price competitive.