Walcom GENESI CARBONIO 360 GEO Spray Gun Kit 1.3mm

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The ultimate in transfer efficiency to save your paint shop thousands of dollars. 
-Body: forged aluminium & carbon fibre
-Aircap: high atomisation nickle-plated brass
-Carbon fibre aircap ring
-Needle & Spring, stainless steel
-Seal gaskets: self lubricating & adjustable PTFE
-Weight: 360 gram (12.7oz)
-Operating pressure: 26 ~ 29psi
-Air consumption: 15cfm
-Nozzle size: 1.3mm

Kit Contents:
GEO Carbon Graphite Gun
Digital gauge & Air control unit
360 Black Pot 600cc
Service tool / spanner
15ml Gun oil
3x 360 Gun filters
360 GEO rebuild kit
Cleaning brush
Tough Black PP protective case

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